Chapter 6.Six: This One’s for the Dogs…and Cat


Star:  “Okay, Tommy, let’s say hello to the readers!  Ready?  HELLO READERS!”

Tommy:  ….

Star:  “Oh, I guess I’d better teach you to talk first.”

Yep, it’s that time again!  Last time, Tommy was born, there were lots of birthdays,  Marmalade died because I was an idiot, Persy went skinny-dipping instead of going to work, Butterfly went to the Rainbow Bridge, and there was lots of failing going on.

–SPOILER– There’s a lot of fail in this update too.  And in the next one (for which I already have the pictures!).


Pom:  “Dad, Mom rolled the wish to send me to some stupid artsy-fartsy boarding school.  You’re not going to let her, are you?”

Persy:  “It’s outta my hands, bud.  Just make sure you keep Cait interested and you should be fine.”

Trufax.  Besides, you can’t possibly fail as much as Strawberry did as a child.  ><


Blue, what are you doing?  There’s a vampire eyeing you…get your ass home!


Blue:  “Oh, calm down.  She just wanted to know if I’d read book 3 yet.”


Pom:  “Great-Grandma, I totally just beat your score at Whack-A-Gnome!”

Jeana:  “What?!  But I’m the master of that game!”

Uh oh, kid…I’d watch your back if I were you.


Marmalade visits!


Oooh, someone’s actually using the costume chest!  Okay, no boarding school for you.  You rock.


Pom: “This is major Pom to ground control…I’m stepping through the door, and I’m floating in a most peculiar way.”

Great, now that song is stuck in my head.  ><  Here, get it stuck in yours, too!


Aw, Mar, how nice of you!  Even after I accidently killed you before your time…what a trouper.


I think it’s sweet that these two often sleep together.  ❤


Hey look…she bathes!  I almost thought her stink cloud was going become sentient.


Well, Butterfly’s gone now, and Lucy’s not getting any younger, so…


Time for a mate!  This is Jack O’Lantern, because I made him in October and his colors coordinate with Halloween.  XD


Jack:  “Hmm…I sense lots of ghosts at this location.  Guess that means a Halloween dog will fit in perfectly here!”


He kind of reminds me of Bolt with the faces he makes.  He’s so adorable!




Star: “Hello, Jack!”

Jack: “Ghost?  Hmm, nope…fairy!”


Then it was time to meet Lucy.  Too bad she didn’t smell very good at the time.

Jack: “You have an unpleasant odor.”


Lucy: “You’re huge!  D:”

No dogs will be harmed in the making of the next generation, Lucy, I promise. XD


Persy’s been a bit more hands-on with Tommy than he was with Pom, yay!


Star wanted to join the gardening career and I figured why not?


Baby envy.


Meanwhile, in the middle of her shift, Jeana walks outside.  That’s never good.


Aww, Blue will be heartbroken. Sad smile


Farewell, Jeana!  I will miss your creepy eyes-open way of sleeping! 

Okay, I won’t miss that.  *shudder*


Sleeping bags, people.  Essential for this challenge!


That is, when your sims bother to use them.  ><  Persy, are you channeling Jeana with your eyes open like that??


Blue was pretty sad when he got home that night, but luckily Apollo was there to comfort him.


Keep on bein’ awesome, Hilda!


We get a lot of zombies, full moon or not.  Luckily the fences and the peashooter keep them under control.


Puppies on the way!


Aw, I love them all!


Strawberry decided not to come home after school, so I sent Star out to fetch her and cure her so she wouldn’t faint and cost me more points.  They were interrupted by a zombie-fest, but made it home alive. 


What a great big sister!


Doh!  Guess he should have spent more time working and less time naked in the community hot tub.


Taffy!  As if I’m not losing enough points with the kids!


Haha, adorable Fitz.


Yeah, Star, that’s about how I feel, too.  :/


Oh noooooo!  T.T


Have fun with all that catnip in Heaven, Fitzy.  You were the first and only kitty this family ever had, and I will miss you.


Aw, so will everyone else.


As one pet passes, another is born!  Lucy had a litter of one, so this will be our heir.


His name is Questor. Smile


He has similar coloring to Psyche, his grandmother, but at least he got Jack’s ears!


And his appetite…little guy’s always hungry.


I don’t know why my graphics are graying out under them sometimes when they pass out, but I guess it makes their failing…more interesting?  lol


Star: “MY baby.  MINE!”

Jack:  “I don’t want your silly baby, lady.  I want some of the cake!”

Is it that time already?


Yep!  Tommy’s birthday.


Still a cutie!   I love his genetics, but I don’t know if I want to wait for him as the next TH.  Star’s almost done with her LTW!


Psyche had decided to randomly run all over town and I was amusing myself watching her when I got a notification I wasn’t expecting…


I totally missed poor Apollo’s death!  My camera didn’t zoom or anything. Sad smile


Poor Pom didn’t take it very well.


So much death in this chapter…but at least this guy makes up for it a bit!  AND we got the super awesome bottomless pet bowl, finally.

Anyway, time to (ouch) tally up the score for this episode.  See you all next time!


Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 2 (Both Pom and Strawberry.  ><)
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 33
Self-Urination: 22
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 19
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 7
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 6
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 6
Every 100,000 dollars: 5
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0



I see what you’re doing.  You want to make sure I don’t send you to boarding school.

Tommy: “Is it working?”



Tommy:  *yawns*  “I knew it would.”

Cheeky little thing.


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I've been a huge Sims fan since the original Sims game. LOVING the Sims 3, and the Differences in the Family Tree challenge creaded by TheUsernameFound. I have also started an ISBI challenge for fun.
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6 Responses to Chapter 6.Six: This One’s for the Dogs…and Cat

  1. I have missed this so much! All the pet deaths left me ;-;
    You always inspire me to do my own ISBI when I see your challenge, stahp it ;D

  2. This was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome! ^_^ So much sadness…but awesomeness too! I likeh all the kids for this generation.

  3. SRaina says:

    Jack makes adorable doggy faces, hopefully his son does too.

  4. Where is the peashooter anyway? I bought the limited edition and still can’t find it 😦

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