Chapter 6.Seven: Ghost Parade

Here we are again, and guess what?  This will be Starfruit’s last chapter as torch holder!  Surprised smile   Are you excited?  Cuz I am.  Let’s jump right in.


Both ghosts love to come garden at night.  Works for me…Star’s got all her 100 blooms done, so now she’s just been reading gardening skill books to get that level 10 for her LTW.


Tommy:  “Bow down to your king, everyone.  Good peasants.”


Tommy: “Is that a….cookie, peasant?”


Strawberry:  “It’s my cookie, your highness.  And language like that won’t get you any bites.”


Strawberry:  “Aaaah, just inhale that delicious aroma!”


Strawberry: “Mmmmmm.  Too bad only peasants get to eat cookies.”

Well played, Miss.  Well played.


Hey, Georgia actually won us some money!  Only 50 simoleans, but still.  Smile with tongue out


Aww, little tyke didn’t quite make it.  I love it when they fall over…it’s so cute. XD


There, that’s better.


A pretty picture of our graveyard.  It seems to have expanded so fast!


Jack: “Aah, nothing like a fresh, sunny morning in the garden enjoying all the sights and smells–“


Questor: “Hi Dad–Ooof!”

Clumsy little thing.


Star: “Hey Honey, it’s a big night!  I came to wish you happy prom!”

Strawberry: “Ugh, I don’t think I can go.  I don’t feel well.  I’m exhausted and starving and…”


Star: “I have an app for that.”


Strawberry:  “Wow, I feel so much better!  Thanks, Mom!”

Star: “Of course!  Prom is important…you might even get yourself a love interest!”


Aw, lookit her.  Such a lady!


And she did end up finding a girlfriend!  Go Strawberry!


Queen of the prom. Smile


Back at the house, Star and Georgia were having a sisters spat and then Star decided to play a fairy trick on Georgia.


Eeeew, lol.


Luckily for her, it ended up being the fairy gold and not the toads. XD


Apollo paid us a visit.  Psyche was really happy to see him.  ❤


Butterfly, too!


Pom: “How am I supposed to concentrate on my homework with all these ghosts floating around?”

I’m just glad you’re actually doing it for once!


Pom:  “Yeah, figured I’d grow up with a bang!”


I might have had a little too much fun dressing him.  XD


Pom:  “You gave me weird, scraggly facial hair!”

Yeah, I thought it suited you somehow.


His first act as a teenager?  Weeding the plant, of course.


Instead of coming home after work, Blueberry decided to watch a street magician for a while.

Blue, get home!  You’re in the red!


Blue: “Woah…what did that magician do to me??”

D:  I don’t think it was him.


Blue: “Oh.  Jeana, I’m coming to be with you!”

He was 109.  *sniff*


Since he wasn’t home when he met Grim, no one at home really knew about it until later.  They were all distracted by Taffy’s birthday.


She’s an adorable elder. Smile


So is Psyche!  Yeah, she was a lot younger than her mate, Apollo, so she’s just now becoming an elderly dog.


First fail of the chapter!  Not bad!


Luckily, as a ghost, she can’t lose me any cash.  XD


Haha, at least someone’s happy the dishwasher broke and spewed water everywhere.


Yikes, I don’t think Star is too pleased about it though.


Questor aged up on a full moon…that’s gotta be some kind of omen, right?


Awww he’s a small dog!  I was kind of hoping he’d grow into a bigger one, but he sure is cute anyway. Smile


Jack: “Hey, it’s ghosts!  I love ghosts!”

Well, this house has plenty.  No more deaths for a while, okay guys?  Sheesh.


You know what’s better than death?  Death at a party!  LOL I have no idea why Star was able to invite death to Strawberry’s birthday, but why not? 


Pom: “So, Mom, how close are you to completing your LTW?  You’re running out of time, y’know.”


Star: “Won’t be long now, son!”


Just in time!  The party guests have started to arrive.


This sour-patch is Strawberry’s girlfriend!  Don’t worry, she doesn’t always look that mad.  XD  Her name used to be Addison Ross, but I gave her a berry makeover in CAS and now she’s Cinnamon Roll! 

And now I really want some Cinnabon.  T.T


Anyway, on with our new torch holder’s birthday!


Aw, see?  Her face is pretty nice when she’s happy!


Strawberry: “Wait, did you say ‘new torch holder’?”

Yep!  You’re elected! 


Strawberry: “I’ll do my best!”

She’ll do great!  Now that I can control her….muhahaha.  See you all next time with the start of a new generation!


Torch Holders: 6
Sim Failing School: 3  (Tommy joins his siblings in the fail)
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 34
Self-Urination: 22
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 19
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 0
Fulfilling LTW: 8
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 6
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 6
Every 100,000 dollars: 5
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0



Gotta make sure the girlfriend grows up, too, y’know.


I kind of love her face.  ^^


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I've been a huge Sims fan since the original Sims game. LOVING the Sims 3, and the Differences in the Family Tree challenge creaded by TheUsernameFound. I have also started an ISBI challenge for fun.
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11 Responses to Chapter 6.Seven: Ghost Parade

  1. nadia says:

    Wheeeee! I kinda love Strawberry’s girlfriend! ^^ Can’t wait for mooooooooore.

  2. Maya says:

    Strawberry is adorable! Loved it, as usual 🙂

  3. Just found this through the TSD forums and love it!!!

  4. tebeaumoore says:

    “I have an app for that”. I couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂

  5. jolvsbooks says:

    I for one am glad you’ve chosen Strawberry as Torch-Holder. She’s really beautiful and her girlfriend is so striking … I also love it when sims choose their own partners for themselves 🙂

  6. Aww, yay! I kinda had a soft spot for Pom, but I’mm still happy with Strawberry 🙂 Let the heir-making begin! 😛

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