Chapter 7.Two: An Eventful Evening


Strawberry welcomes you back to ABC-ISBI by sitting on her butt on the couch, watching kids TV and listening to kids radio, as she will be doing for the whole beginning of the chapter.


Hey look!  These three are having a group conversation!  That never happens.


Wow, they chatted until the sun came up!


Tommy’s sassy even in virtual reality.  XD


But hey, at least his latest trend is doing actual homework!  Apparently these two are a good influence on each other.


I wasn’t lying about her sitting on the couch for her whole pregnancy.  Here’s a gif to illustrate my claim.


But now, finally, the wait is over!


Taffy: “OMG she’s finally off the couch!  It’s a miracle.  I hope you have quadruplets after all that kid-themed tv and music!”

Strawberry: “Bite your tongue, Grandma!”


Jack was very confused by all the strange goings-on.


Welcome, baby Thunderbird!  I ran out of ideas for fruit names, so I went to this site my buddy Nadia showed me.  All I had to do was pick a reddish brown color, and I had a plethora of names to choose from!


No sooner had Strawberry laid Thunderbird in her crib than she started wailing again…


And Thunderbird’s sisters, Poppy and Mojo, were born!


Taffy: “Well, it’s not quadruplets, but it’s almost as good.”

Strawberry:  “I can’t believe it…THREE GIRLS.  Their teenage years are going to be the death of me.”


Actually, their baby days might be the death of everyone in the house!  These are three very needy babies.


And still everyone fights over their turn to hold them.  ^^


Of course, that much work is wearing sims out left and right.  :/


Strawberry: “Hey, Cinna!  I invited you over because I have something to tell you…”


Strawberry: Oh crap, what if I tell her and then she expects me to marry her?  I just don’t think I’m ready for that.

Cinna: “Yes?  What is it?”


Strawberry: “I just…I missed you.”

Cinna: “Aw, sweetie, I missed you too!”



Tsk tsk.  Your second fail this chapter, Georgia.  I am not pleased.


Strawberry!  You’re my torch holder!

Strawberry: “It’s not my fault you work me too hard!”


Luckily, it was finally time for the girls’ birthdays.  That was a loooooong 2 days.


We managed to get through Thunderbird’s and Mojo’s before….


The camera zoomed to Psyche chasing her tail.


Psyche: “I sense something strange in the house.”


The whole household came to see Psyche off.  Sad smile  We’ll miss you until you come a-haunting, Psy!


Pet death is always hard, but we still had one more triplet to age up.

Thunderbird: “Come on, Poppy…it’s time to grow up and play with us!”


There we go!


Whilst all this was going on (busy night!), Tommy was at his prom, getting a boyfriend and winning the crown (apparently by nefarious means)!


Eeee, the toddlers are playing together!


So adorbs.


Not that you can tell from this picture, but there was another birthday to celebrate that night–Pom’s!  I guess Grim decided to stick around for the festivities.


Grim: “Bahaha, that’s what you think.  Really, I’m just here to take your previous torch holder!”

The hell you are!

Grim: “Nah, just kidding.  I have an affinity for drama.  And cake.”


*whistles*  Well, you grew up nicely, Pom!


And then it was time for him to venture out into the world on his own.


Except not quite on his own.  I decided it was time to let Georgia have her life to herself.  Bye guys!  We’ll miss you both.


I love this dog.


At this point, I’m tentatively thinking Poppy for the next TH, because I like her mix of genetics…but really anything could happen between now and their YA birthday.


In the meantime, I decided to do a photoshoot with them, because there’s nothing cuter than toddlers!


Amirite?  Oh, and in case you were wondering, Mojo is the only non-fairy.  and I have no idea where she got her black hair from.


Strawberry: “Gosh, you two…do you think I could get a little privacy here?”

That’s it for this time!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Smile


Torch Holders: 7
Sim Failing School: 3
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 35
Self-Urination: 24
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 22
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 8
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 6
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 6
Every 100,000 dollars: 5
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0



Oh, I thought before we go, I’d introduce you to the newest member of the household!


This is Dim Sum.  ^^


Yessss….now kiss.

Can’t wait to see the puppies (cubs?) they shall have!


About StyxLady

I've been a huge Sims fan since the original Sims game. LOVING the Sims 3, and the Differences in the Family Tree challenge creaded by TheUsernameFound. I have also started an ISBI challenge for fun.
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22 Responses to Chapter 7.Two: An Eventful Evening

  1. Aw the triplets are so CUTE!


  3. Senny Paine says:

    I just adore Thunderbird…. and I will miss Georgia so much! ;-; Remind me why I had her die in a tragic accident in the Harks? And now her kids are all fucked up because of it. I thought of playing them but then I remember what I had written and I was like “noooope.”

  4. scarlet and olive says:

    WHAT NO BLUR how did this happen?

  5. jolvsbooks says:

    How cute was this chapter?! I don’t know who is cuter, the triplets or Dim Sum!!! Great as usual 🙂

  6. Alli B says:

    Huh, I’d say that Thunderbird should be the next torch holder, based on cuteness alone. That, ans she’s the only berry in that bunch.

  7. Zaffie says:

    Argh! This is an awesome chapter! And ZOMG those triplets are adorable. The new dog is a panda. ❤
    Feel kind of silly saying this, since my foolish attempts at legacies are in no way comparable to this awesomeness, but here! Raspberry is being featured in my new legacy – Sim Brother! So go have a look to see what craziness she gets up to. ❤

  8. Panda puppies will be so cute. Poppy is adorable, but we shall see how she ages.

  9. lindadaa says:

    I finally caught up! ❤ Love your Legacy, I've checked every day to see if there'd be a new chapter, I think 😀

  10. curchitc says:

    Wow that was a really great chapter. PANDA! PANDA CUBZ! There’s so much to be excited about 😀 Oh and by the way, I just started a new legacy! I’d love it if you’d check it out! 😉

  11. Emy says:

    Wooo, all caught up!


    I love how the triplets are all so different. 😀

  12. Bella Clo says:

    I’ve read your Isbi from start to this post and I absolutely love it.

  13. Will this ever be resumed? 🙂 I miss it!

  14. Jess says:

    I’ve read this whole legacy from start to finish in the last 4 days! I hope you will resume it sometime in the future 🙂

  15. evilmaniac88 says:

    I’ve read your legacy – and also some of your other stuff (I’ve been a silent creepy stalker (I think??) until now, but I think now is the time to be more social because I’ve started my own legacy, and would be very honored if you could spare a glance at it when its up and running? Your sims are all beautiful, I’ll be more than happy if my legacy can produce sims even half as pretty as yours! I miss your posts, but I’m sure you have a very good reason to delay posting, so I will wait…..

  16. emilyhean says:

    Is this legacy going to continue? It’s one of my favourite legs of all time, I’d hate to see it go… But I’ll just wait patiently til you’re back!

  17. Dayne P says:

    Hello, what mod do you use for two female Sims to have babies? Thank you!

  18. somebodysangel13 says:

    Aw, so sad that this legacy has come to a premature end. Would have loved to see how the triplets grew up. Love the mix of their parents’ genetics that came about, even in just the skin colours! But it has been an amazing journey with many laughs and fails. Will happily read anything new that you come up with.

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