7.Four: Who Wants to Live Forever?

Welcome back! Last time, Cait took an insanely long break and then returned out of nowhere after 3 1/2 years, the triplets became children, some rainbow puppies were born, and Tomato grew up and moved out.

And we’re back at it!


Our scene opens with two awesome girls doing homework! Yay! It’s always nice when the kids take it upon themselves not to flunk out of school.


Synchronized chatting. XD


Guess which mod I forgot to re-download? Yep! The “stop-asking-for-gorram-bedtime-stories” mod. –.-


THIS IS WHY IT’S SO ANNOYING. They get the story, then they get OUT of bed, just to pass out on the floor. Why, game, why?


Star: Ungrateful child.

It’s not her fault, Star. The game is just coded that way.


Aaaand then she stood up and promptly peed herself. C’mon Mojo, I was defending you!


Looks like Star knows how to work out her frustrations. XD


Mojo: Hey, I wanted to hold Dim Sum!


Thunderbird: Sorry, I guess she just likes me better!



Mojo: Fine, I’ll just go toss a little ball with Grandma Taffy.


Mojo: “Ouch! Hey!”


Taffy: Sorry, family trait. It’s dangerous to play catch with a Sorbet!


Hey, someone’s using the patio furniture! I approve.


This also pleases me. Strawberry can only do so much!


Especially now that she has a job! She rolled the wish to become a professional gardener.


Mojo: Ah ha! Thunderbird’s outside. Now all the doggies are belong to me!


Meanwhile, I actually stopped being lazy and had Strawberry invite her girl over.


These two waste no time.


Cinnamon Roll:  *Struts*

Strawberry: *Barfs*

Too much of a wild ride for you, Strawberry? Smile with tongue out


More autonomous lovin’ for these two. Just no more babies, guys, ok? You’ve had your turn.


Strawberry, on the other hand….apparently isn’t quite done yet!


Hey, she finished a painting!



I wasn’t quick enough to catch a passed-out picture, but this is Thunderbird waking up from it.

Thunderbird: It’s a full moon – strange things happen! It’s not my fault!

Uh huh.


Hmm. Maybe there’s something to that theory, after all. WTH, Strawberry?

Strawberry: Clothes are overrated.


Hey, they all made it to school today! That doesn’t always happen. Although Thunderbird is in the red again. I sense more lost points ahead.


Why are you not on the bus home? Here come my lost points.


She proceeded to eat a lovely park-provided burger and take a nap on a park bench. That’s my girl!

Thunderbird: See? Have a little more faith in me.


Bam: Ah HA! Take that, evil bone!

It’s looking like Bam will be the next canine TH. She seems to have at least some of her mom’s genes in her facial shape. But Boo might surprise me! Still several days until they age up. Puppyhood is so long!


Should I quote David Bowie again? Re-reading this challenge, I realized I did that twice, several chapters apart. XD But it fits so well! RIP, Bowie. T.T


Poppy: Any lurking monsters better GTFO. I’m not about to lose Cait any points by being unable to sleep!

That’s my girl.


Left on free will, Strawberry chooses to bathe little Lucy. ❤


Jack: Just one taste of lobster…s’all I ask…zzzzZZZzzzz


Baby time! Meet little boy, Cocoa Bean.



…AND little girl, Cherry. O.O I forgot Strawberry had the fertility treatment reward.



Looks like Cocoa is a fairy!


Persy: Takes after his grandpa, yes he does!

We’ll see just how much at his next birthday. Speaking of which…


It’s time for a triple birthday!


Thunderbird gained the rebellious trait.


Poppy became a mooch.


And Mojo is now a workaholic.

It was at this point I realized no one was aging properly. Strawberry had been pregnant for the typical 3 days, but the trips hadn’t gotten a single day closer to their teen birthdays, so I caked them because I knew it was time.


I’m not sure why this was happening, but I hoped a move would fix it, so I packed everyone up…


..And moved them across town to a house I took way too long building.


It’s just a single story, but I made sure to include a ton of fun activities that I hope will keep everyone busy! Crossing fingers this move fixes the aging problem.


So, what do you all think of the new house?

Strawberry: I’m hungry.

Mojo: I saw the cars out front. Gooooood.


Dim Sum: This bench is good for clawing!

Persy: *Too….tired…*

Well, ok. The transition isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.


Strawberry: Poor Dad!

Poor ME! My scooooore. T.T


It took a while, but everyone finally found the babies’ room, so they could put them down and Strawberry could tend to their needs. I was worried there for a minute…they were crying a lot! And of course, once Strawberry was able to pick them, everyone else thought they would actually try to be helpful. ><


Oh hey, someone found the half-pipe! ….Too bad it’s just a zombie.


Why does the snow have to go potty?


Oh. XD


Yay, they are discovering the household amenities!


Omg Mojo, that puddle was you, wasn’t it?

Mojo: Nope. Nuh-uh. Definitely not me.


That miasma of stench around you says otherwise. I am disappoint.


Aw, Great-Grandma loves the baby!


Our pretty virtuoso has introduced herself to every instrument except the drums, so far!


Cute dogs are cute.


What a beautiful day for some father-daughter bonding!


Aw, I was hoping it’d be the evil snowman. XD Then I looked it up and realized only daredevil, evil, and mean-spirited sims can make it.


Oooh, who is autonomously getting nice and clean?


It’s Dim Sum! Well done!


You can’t tell, but that’s Strawberry trying out the snowboarding, now. Woo!

That night, she got invited to a party at Cinna’s house. For some reason, she decided to bring Cherry with her.


Strawberry: Hey, beautiful! Thanks for providing a crib for Cherry. If I had to hold her the whole time, I couldn’t do this.


Cinna: Actually, babe, I was hoping you’d bring all the kids. And that you’d stay…with me. Haven’t we tiptoed around this issue long enough? I want to be with you, and with our children.

Thinking as fast as a sim with commitment issues can think, Strawberry sought to buy time.


Strawberry: Oh, but…I thought you understood. You’re a fairy, and I’m just a regular sim. You’ll outlive me by many, many years. I want to save you that pain. I’m only thinking of you, darling.

Cinna: I have a plan. That’s why I threw this party. See my friend, Jerome, there behind you? He’s a vampire. He could turn you, and then you and I could be together. What do you say, Strawberry? Do you want to live forever with me?


Strawberry: Welcome to Isla Paradiso, everyone! I’m sure we’ll all like it here much better than Lucky Palms.

Nice move, Strawberry. ><

But yeah, moving across town did not fix the aging problem. Hopefully this does!


Torch Holders: 7
Sim Failing School: 3
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 39
Self-Urination: 26
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 22
Twin Births: 3
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 8
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 6
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 6
Every 100,000 dollars: 5
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0



Hey, Fitz, quit playing with the food bowl! No wonder the poor puppies are always hungry.


About StyxLady

I've been a huge Sims fan since the original Sims game. LOVING the Sims 3, and the Differences in the Family Tree challenge creaded by TheUsernameFound. I have also started an ISBI challenge for fun.
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6 Responses to 7.Four: Who Wants to Live Forever?

  1. Gah it’s still so surreal that you’re back—and so exciting!! *runs around in circles* *deep breathing* OKAY. I AM OKAY.

    Gosh those bedtime stories are annoying! I mean I think they’re annoying enough what with having to cancel out the interaction, but of course in an ISBI you can’t do that so T_T Time to dig out the old mods, haha.

    Also LOL that photo of naked Strawberry with the potted plant covering precisely the right places. Clever picture—made me crack up XD Full moon madness….pun intended.

    Cocoa and Cherry—awww yay!!! So many adorable babies! :3

    AND LOL OMG. Poor Cinna! I totally wasn’t expecting that abrupt move. NICE TRANSITION, LMAO. Hopefully the move will fix things right up XD

    • StyxLady says:

      Hahaha oh gosh, well my game has had its share of problems since I started playing again! All the old companions I remember so well – gray screen of death, no aging, a few seconds of playing then a few secs of lag…but I’m soldiering through! Only 3 more generations to go!

      Yeah, I need to grab that bedtime stories mod again, if I can stop bein’ lazy.

      Bahaha, sometimes I wonder what the heck my sims must be thinking. XD There are too many sims in that house to be walking around nekkid!

      So far, the move has worked! Aging seems to be back on track…whew!

  2. Dim Sum is just so dang cute in every picture!

    At least naked Strawberry was cleaning; that’s got to count for something.

    Welcome Cocoa and Cherry!

    Cinna wanted to be more committed, so Strawberry moved towns. That’s one way to deal with her issues. Will we see Cinna again?

  3. Kim says:

    I had nearly forgotten how beautiful all of your Sims are. I LOVE getting to see them again!

    LOL Strawberry is very talented at not addressing her problems! She’s still one of my favorites 😀

  4. Sophia says:

    Loving the way the triplets came out! Gotta say, Mojo is the cutest IMO ;P

  5. Bokavoy says:

    I’m so glad that you are bringing this back!

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