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I've been a huge Sims fan since the original Sims game. LOVING the Sims 3, and the Differences in the Family Tree challenge creaded by TheUsernameFound. I have also started an ISBI challenge for fun.

7.Four: Who Wants to Live Forever?

Welcome back! Last time, Cait took an insanely long break and then returned out of nowhere after 3 1/2 years, the triplets became children, some rainbow puppies were born, and Tomato grew up and moved out. And we’re back at … Continue reading

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Chapter 7.Three: Intermission

Um, so…hi everyone? *waves meekly* Can we just pretend it hasn’t been almost 3 1/2 years since I last posted? XD That’s probably some kind of record, sheesh. Some of these shots were taken before I stopped playing the family, … Continue reading

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Chapter 7.Two: An Eventful Evening

Strawberry welcomes you back to ABC-ISBI by sitting on her butt on the couch, watching kids TV and listening to kids radio, as she will be doing for the whole beginning of the chapter.

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Chapter 7.One: Zombification

New torch holder, new background…new update!  Hi everyone.    Strawberry would like to welcome you to the beginning of her reign.

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Chapter 6.Seven: Ghost Parade

Here we are again, and guess what?  This will be Starfruit’s last chapter as torch holder!     Are you excited?  Cuz I am.  Let’s jump right in.

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Chapter 6.Six: This One’s for the Dogs…and Cat

Star:  “Okay, Tommy, let’s say hello to the readers!  Ready?  HELLO READERS!” Tommy:  …. Star:  “Oh, I guess I’d better teach you to talk first.”

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Chapter 6.Five: Grim and Bare It

Welcome to another chapter of ABC-ISBI!  See, I told you it wouldn’t be that long before the next one.   Let’s jump right in, here.

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