Build-n-Share 100 – Centennial Vale


For the Centennial Vale neighborhood project, I decided to make my family and the home we live in IRL.

Well, okay, it’s MOSTLY like our real home.  I’ve included some of the improvements we’ve talked about, such as a new paint color and that bay window you can see there in the picture above.


And that slip and slide.  We don’t actually have one of those, either. XD


Here’s an overhead view of the whole kit-n-kaboodle.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, and a bit of the garage in the bottom right corner.  I couldn’t fit our whole back yard into the 30×30 lot, but it’s close.


Here’s the kitchen.  The door there is for our pantry, but in the game that tiny space just holds a recycle bin.  This is the updated version of our kitchen we hope to put in soon.


Here it is from further back.  To the left of the aquarium is the living room.  The picture’s dark, but you can kind of see the island with 2 bar stools on the right there.


Here’s the back patio and the grill.


And my husband, Matt, grilling hot dogs.  He totally dropped one and then put it back on the grill after looking around to make sure no one noticed…haha.


The garage holds our bikes, a chemistry set, and an easel.


The living room and dining room include fun family pictures, just like in real life!  I hope they transfer upon download.


Left side of the living room, with TV, video game system, and stereo.


Here’s the other side.


We spent so much money on the kitchen that we couldn’t afford to replace our dining set yet. Winking smile  This is very close to the mis-matched set we have now.  More family pictures!  All three kids have an imaginary friend doll, by the way, for those who have Generations.


This is the entry, with the garage door just to the left of the front door.  The kids’ computer is in this area as well.


This is to show the hallway that leads to all the bedrooms.


My son, Casey’s room.  It’s white right now, but we plan to paint it red in honor of his beloved fire trucks.


View from the other side of the room.


View into the girls’ room from the door.  This is pretty close to their actual room now.


They love their princess room. Smile


Here’s the master bedroom.  Both our computer desks sit side by side so we can spend “quality time” together. XD  We’re nerds.


The left door is the one that leads to the hallway, and the door on the right leads to the master bath.


Our real shower actually takes up that whole wall on the right, but there are no Sim showers 2 tiles wide. XD


Other side of the master bath.


Couple of views of the hall bathroom.


The front, with our 2 cars in the driveway.


The magnolia tree.  Our real one is much smaller and it’s over by our front window.


Side yard.


And our garden boxes in the back. Smile

And finally, the family!


My husband, Matt.




Oldest daughter, Samantha (she’s 9).


Younger daughter, Willow (7).


And our son Casey, who’s 2.

I didn’t use any CC on this lot or the Sims, which was an extreme challenge for me. XD

I moved in the two adults, and played through until this point, so they should come with memories and LTRs and everything. ^^

Download links:

Household with House

Family Only


6 Responses to Build-n-Share 100 – Centennial Vale

  1. Toast!! says:

    Oh my gosh that really does look just like your house! I can vouch for it, hehehe. You did a really good job. 🙂

  2. Well let me just say that I would KILL for a house like that IRL! Well maybe not kill but.. you get me 😉 Really great job, I just love all the family pictures! Your kids are so cute 🙂

    • StyxLady says:

      Thanks Esther! Our real house doesn’t quite look like that, (mainly the outer color and the bay window), but like Toast said it’s pretty close! I think the family pics were a necessary thing, because they’re plastered all over my walls at home…hahaha.

  3. Tonks says:

    All of your kids… So cute. 😀

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