Build-N-Share #98-99: The Foxglove Starter


Ginny Foxglove requested a one-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage home with a lovely cottage garden and plenty of space for soaking up the beauty of the outdoors.  She was quite pleased with the final result.




Ms. Foxglove’s little cottage is small, but it’s plenty big enough for her!  It stands solid and inviting under a swaying willow tree, with sweet-smelling heather covering much of the yard.


A quaint cobblestone path leads the way from front to back.  It looks as though it’s been there for years, and the encroaching flowers and bushes give it a private, cozy feel.  That’s an apple tree in the front right, and a beautiful, huge magnolia in the back corner.


The garden has two benches–one sits in the shade and one in the sun.  The ivy-wound columns add a touch of whimsy to the cottage.


Just at the end of the path sits an easel, in case Ms. Foxglove gets inspired by the flowers and wants to try her hand at painting.  You can just see a potato plant and a bell pepper plant over on the right, mixed in almost haphazardly with the other growing things.


Other fruit and vegetables grow around the whole garden, such as this tomato Ms. Foxglove is harvesting.  From this angle, you can see the whole back yard/patio area.



Before we take a tour of the inside of the cottage, here’s a closer view of the front entry.  Two more ivy columns stand on either side of the unique door, and wind chimes make a soft, pretty sound with the breeze.



Upon entering, you find yourself in an adorable cozy kitchen area.



Here is a larger view from further into the house.  The front door is to the left of this picture.  Ms. Foxglove has spared no detail.  She has a rack for drying her dishes, a hand towel fastened above the sink, and a mat below so the hardwood floor doesn’t get too wet.  Potholders hang above the stove for removing that hot apple pie she loves to bake.  Her table seats herself and a guest, and that’s all she needs.


If you were to turn around from the last picture, this would be your view.  Ms. Foxglove has a nice little chess table with which to while away the evening hours, as well as a television area.  Half-walls and a step up designate her bedroom area.



The left side of the platform area holds Ms. Foxglove’s bed and nightstand–a convenient place to set her glasses before drifting off to sleep.


The right side has her bookshelf and a comfy chair for reading.  Delicate lace curtains hang over the windows, and can be pulled shut when Ms. Foxglove needs her privacy.


Here is a view of the sitting area from the bedroom area.  The door to the left leads to the bathroom.



The bathroom is cozy, but large enough to include a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet, and Ms. Foxglove is pleased with it.  She keeps some rose-scented hand soap on the sink and some tissue for nose-blowing on the back of the toilet.


Here is an ariel view of the cottage’s floor plan and of the garden.

Budget: $16,500

Total for this build: $15,731

Link: Download here!


One Response to Build-N-Share #98-99: The Foxglove Starter

  1. Ellie says:

    I love this. It is very creative and you definitely put a lot of thought into it. GJ!!!

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