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Chapter 5.Eleven: IDEK

Welcome back!  Last chapter found our Sorbet family moved to a new house in Hidden Springs.  We lost our ice sculptures, but other than that, the move went fairly smoothly. Advertisements

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Chapter 5.Ten: New Beginnings

Whew!  It’s time for an update…finally!  Sorry I missed last week, but I was really trying to get the new Sorbet house completed.  It’s still not as finished as I would like, but it’s close enough. Now, since I spent … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.Nine: Laugh Lines and Wrinkles

Man, this generation has been draggin’ its feet!  Only the first generation had this many chapters.  Hmm…can I possibly make it to the heir vote with this chapter?  I shall try my best to only take relevant pictures so I … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.Eight: You Fail Me Yet Again, Starscream

Hi again!  Sorry there was no update last week.  It was due to the patch and waiting for Twallan to update his mods…which he did super-speedy-like cuz he’s awesome.  Last time on ABC-ISBI, Georgia Peach was grumpy and her sister … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.Seven: Meanie McGrumplepants

So, it’s 11:27 pm on Wednesday night right now, and I just remembered that I’m supposed to have this update ready by tomorrow morning.  >.>  It might end up kind of random and all over the place.  We’ll see how … Continue reading

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Chapter 5.Six: Short and (Mostly) Sweet

It’s that time again!  Let’s catch up with the Sorbet family.  Last week, Georgia Peach grew into an adorable toddler with her grandpa Blue’s hair, and her little sister, Starfruit, was born.

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Chapter 5.Five: A Star is Born

Welcome back to another fun-filled chapter of ABC-ISBI! Last time, both Taffy and Butterfly produced the next generation, in the form of our new puppy, Apollo, and little miss Georgia Peach, here.

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