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Styx, Where’ve You Been?!

Short answer: working. Longer answer:  I swore it wouldn’t happen to me.  I wouldn’t be one of those sim-bloggers who lets life get in the way of her hobby.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy a resolution to stick to … Continue reading

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Some of you might know that I got a job recently.  This week was my first week on the job, and I can tell it’s going to take me a while to adjust to not being at home all the … Continue reading

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Update on the Update…

Hey everyone!  So, obviously today is Thursday and there should be a new ABC update waiting for you, but I actually haven’t played any further than last week’s episode.  The reason for that is:  the Sorbets need a new house.  … Continue reading

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Casting Call Winners!

I had so many awesome entries to choose from, and I appreciate each and every one! That said, the two I will be using for the generation 6 are: Persimmon Frost by Nadzicle and Psyche De’Lick by Chaiyaprovo! They are … Continue reading

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Wow, over 200 people voted for the next torch holder! Thank you all very much! I decided to go ahead and close the poll, because with over half the votes, we have a very clear winner! Starfruit will lead us … Continue reading

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Generation Six Torch Holder Poll

Georgia Peach Mean Spirited | Daredevil | Unflirty | Athletic Current Age – Teen Starfruit Insane | Over-Emotional | Photographer’s Eye | Eccentric Current Age – Teen Pineapple Adventurous | Hydrophobic | Genius Current Age – Child

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Casting Call!

Hello, everyone!  I need a couple of characters for the future of ABC-ISBI, and I thought I’d ask all my readers if they’d like to contribute! (Psst, this means you.) First, I’m going to need a mate for Apollo.  He’s … Continue reading

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