When I get requests about where I get my CC, I will try and link them here if I can!

Berry Skins – Fawkes’s Rainbow Skins

Scatter Genes Skintones

Default Skins – Ephemera v2.2

Default Eyes – Tifa’s N41

Painting Replacement Mod – Plum’s Painting Replacements

Lighting Mod – Outdoor Lighting Tweaks v1.5 by dDefinder

Here are links to all the major players in ABC-ISBI!Β  If you use them,Β I’d love toΒ know how they’re doing in your game! πŸ™‚

Founding Generation

Raspberry-Cream Sorbet

Generation Two

Caramel Sorbet

Blackberry Sorbet

Cranberry Sorbet

Grape Sorbet


The Family at the End of Grape’s Reign
This is the save file with Grape, Kiwi, Watermelon, Sugar Plum, and Eggplant.Β  You also get Sugar Valley and all the simself drama, besides!Β  Just download the .rar file and unzip it, then place the folder into My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves.Β  The saved game should then show up on your main menu when you start up your game.

The Household Save – Generation 3
This is the save file with elder Grape & Kiwi, and WM (pregnant with 4th baby), Stormy, Green Apple, Icee, and Frostie. Β Also includes spiffy new landscaping by my hubby!

Generation Three

Pear Sorbet

Watermelon Sorbet

Sugar Plum Sorbet

Eggplant Sorbet

Generation 4

Herman Sorbet

Green Apple Sorbet

Blueberry Sorbet

Here’s a link to Blue’s hair:Β

Generation 5

Mango Sorbet

Avocado Sorbet

Green Tea Sorbet

Marmalade Citrus-Sorbet (Adult) – based on this sim by Smuzie

Taffy Sorbet

Generation 6

Georgia Peach Sorbet

Starfruit Sorbet


180 Responses to Downloads

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  2. justdance983 says:

    Are all the generation 2 links supposed to be connected? cuz when I click on it, all it shows is Grape.

  3. justdance983 says:

    Thank you! BTW, I love this legacy. So very awesome. πŸ˜€

  4. justdance983 says:

    yay for households! Yaaay! (i’m very excited.)

  5. justdance983 says:

    Hmmm… the household won’t show up in my game. 😦

  6. justdance983 says:

    *hounds for answers*

    • StyxLady says:

      Well, I asked a friend to see if it would show up in her game, and it didn’t work for her either. >< So I'm thinking maybe I'll just upload the whole save file instead and hope THAT works. May not be tonight though.

      Unless anyone else has any suggestions on how to get it to work?

      • justdance983 says:

        I have no idea, but I think households with houses just don’t work through the launcher, because I tried one a few months ago, and I and a few others had the same problem. You could take the house from your bin, then move them into a new town. Then share the family and the house separately. Then you could delete the save or something. Just an idea πŸ™‚
        It doesn’t matter to me when you do it. I’ll be out of town ’till Monday. Thank you!! =D

      • StyxLady says:

        I went ahead and uploaded the save file, so hopefully that works!

  7. justdance983 says:

    Yay! You made me so happy πŸ˜€

  8. justdance983 says:

    Sorry… it doesn’t work… 😦

    • StyxLady says:

      Hmm, you unzipped the folder into your saves and it doesn’t show up as a playable game in your start up menu?

      • justdance983 says:

        Nope. D:

      • justdance983 says:

        Sorry you have to help me so much.

      • StyxLady says:

        No, it’s not you! It’s the game…why can’t it just work right and be easy? lol…I have no idea why the save game isn’t working. If it’s installed correctly, it should show up, so I don’t know why it’s not working. Just frustrating because I don’t know at which point it’s messing up! lol

  9. justdance983 says:

    It shows up in my saves folder, but not in game…

  10. justdance983 says:

    I tried everything, I can’t get it to work. D:

    • StyxLady says:

      Blargh! Are there five files in the save folder? I’m not sure what else to try. I can try uploading the house by itself (though I may upload the NEW version, because it’s much more full of awesome).

      • justdance983 says:

        The folder has 5 files in it. I’ll try to download it again. It’s probably my fault it’s not working.

      • StyxLady says:

        Not necessarily…it’s probably EA’s fault. lol They can’t make anything easy. πŸ™‚ I’ll try and see if it works for anyone else. Do you have all the expansions? It has stuff in it from Outdoor Living and Late Night, so it could be that if you don’t have those packs there’s just too much stuff that’s not compatible? Not sure.

  11. justdance983 says:

    I have no stuff packs and all expansions. Anyway, IT WORKS NOW! I was just ignorant and didn’t scroll to the right enough. -.-
    Thank you for all your help πŸ˜€

  12. justdance983 says:

    They had a baby boy named Tangelo. He’s so cute! πŸ˜€

  13. justdance983 says:

    Love the new banner πŸ™‚

  14. spongeb0berz says:

    Thanks for sugar Valley already set up! ;3 Can’t wait to play around in it.

  15. justdance983 says:

    Can you upload the house as it is now? Pweeeease? πŸ™‚

  16. Mariah says:

    I need you to tell me which default eyes you are using. They’re gorgeous and I think I want to try them >_>

  17. StyxLady says:

    I added a link to the default eyes I use, and also put up the most recent save with the new house!

  18. Grace says:

    Their house is gorgeous ;-;
    Do you ever plan on uploading it?

  19. StyxLady says:

    New household up to replace the one that was overstuffed! Also has new landscaping by my hubby…looks gorgeous!

  20. justdance983 says:

    could you put Herman up? πŸ™‚

  21. Esther says:

    In Chapter 3.Err… Something, you mentioned the default baby replacement skin. Do you have that link or do you maybe have another link, because I love it and the link was very weird, I couldn’t find it at all!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Styxlady! I just gotta say your stories are amazing! I was wondering what mod you use for the Story Progression and if you could post the link, it looks really cool! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  23. Isabel says:

    Hi Styx, it’s GinghamCloud101 here, but i’m on my phone and it’s a pain to log in :’)
    I was wondering where you got your lovely lighting mod from?
    Keep up the excellent workβ™₯

  24. I know I could just like, you know TEXT you, but I wanted to comment, cause I want to be annoying. . . LOL. J/K. Anyways, did you know that Grape and Cranberry are both teens in your files. I may have mentioned that, but I thought I let you know. Blackberry is fine though.

    I hearts Cranberry!!!

  25. My simself can’t have blue babies with Blue if he isn’t hurrrrr! XD

  26. Ella says:

    This is such a cute story ^-^
    Where did you get Blueberry’s and Raspberry’s hair? I wanna download them but those are the only two I haven’t got.
    Thanks so much :*

  27. Ella says:

    Oooh, it works now! Sorry to be a pain D; but thank you so much!!

  28. marirae says:

    I thought I’d let you know how Blue was doing in my game. He has been a busy boy. Here is his daughter.

    He has another on the way!

  29. marirae says:

    Here is Blue’s second child Kieran. Like last time it’s a YA picture, but I also included a pic of him as a toddler. Plus one extra to show you how good of a dad he’s being! He is married to one of the spares from this generation of my ISBI.

  30. Are you ok with it if I use some of your sims in my new isbi? I’m just putting them in my neighbourhood, not sure if they will play a major role. Just thought I should ask your permission πŸ˜‰
    Oh and I’m still catching up with RSGNM. I’m sorry it takes me so long.

    • StyxLady says:

      Absolutely! πŸ™‚ That’s what they’re there for..hehehe. And take as long as you want with RSGNM! I know it’s a lot and I appreciate that you’re enjoying it. πŸ™‚ Also, feel free to use my simself! I have a new one up in my studio (my name on the sims 3 site is also StyxLady).

  31. OHH and could I use your simself too? Sorry I’m asking so much XD

  32. swimswam16 says:

    Styx, by any chance would you be able to get Mango uploaded?

  33. Kerianne Brennan says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of RSGNM and ABC, and I’ve downloaded Blue, but his skin is a very purplish color instead of blue. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advanced!

  34. Kerianne Brennan says:

    Yeah, I have cupcakes updated version and I placed it in my Packages folder. The skin tones showed up but when i selected Blue he was still dark purple. I don’t know what the problem is.
    For now, with Blue, I’ve just been trying to adjust his skin tone to the closest color in his picture. Also, on an unrelated note, I wanted to ask where you got Blackberry’s hair.

    • StyxLady says:

      Hmm, maybe it’s because I don’t have the updated versions? Sorry bout that! Hmm, Blackberry’s hair…it was one of the first ones I remember downloading…let me look. I’m thinking it was Peggyzone or Rose Sims, but Peggy’s site isn’t working for me, and it’s not listed on the Rose Sims site. -.- I fail today!

  35. Kerianne Brennan says:

    That’s okay. Thanks for all the great legacies and I’ll go check Peggyzone now!

    • Kerianne Brennan says:

      Sorry to double comment, but I was thinking about getting a new computer and I don’t want to lose my saves. I don’t know which files to upload, and since you’ve done it with the Sorbets, I was wondering if you could help me out. If you don’t want to that’s fine, I’ll look somewhere else. Thanks in advanced!

  36. StyxLady says:

    All you need to do to keel your saves is copy them to a isbi drive! The folder you need to copy is my documents/electronic arts/the Sims 3/saves. That’s where all your saves are located if you want to upload them individually to mediafire or another host. πŸ™‚

  37. Kerianne Brennan says:

    Thank you so much! Oh and I found Blackberry’s hair on Peggyzone. Thanks again!

    • StyxLady says:

      NP! And yay, glad the site worked for you! All I get most of the time is a blank white page. -.-

      • Kerianne Brennan says:

        Yeah, I was having that problem and I figured out it was because of my browser(Google Chrome). Now, whenever I want to go to Peggyzone, I just use Firefox.

  38. Courtney says:

    How do you get the berry skins to work in-game? I downloaded Ras, and her preview looks perfect, but her skin goes gray when I open her. Is there a special mod I need?

  39. mafflerb says:

    Which skin do you use? like the ones for the non-berry sims

  40. Kawaii :3 says:

    What face skin do you use?

  41. Lucy says:

    hi, what hair did you use for watermelon? cos i have her in my game, but she doesn’t look right without the right hair. thanx xxx

    • StyxLady says:

      I looked and looked and I couldn’t find it! :/ I thought it was maybe a Newsea, but I scrolled through all his pages on TSR and it’s not there, so I’m not sure. Sorry about that! I know what you mean about sims not looking right with different hair. 😦

  42. Tee says:

    Every time I try to click the links, it leads to a page that says “ does not permit the use of many affiliate links in blog content.”

  43. Ellie says:

    hi. do you know if you can use fawkes skintones on a mac?

  44. Senny Paine says:

    I’m downloading Blue and putting him in my Inaya DITFT blog, but he won’t be physically blue anymore… >_> And will probably have a regular, not fruit, name. =D Yay?

  45. How do you download the painting replacements into the sims game? I just can’t get mine to work.

    • StyxLady says:

      For me, it worked just like any other package file. I downloaded it and extracted it to My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages. Then it should work in your game!

  46. Herenya says:

    Hey xD sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could put Marmalade up? (I got no clue if I spelt his name right O.o sleepy…)

  47. I am madly in love with Georgia. I can’t explain it, but I love her. When will you be able to put up her and her sisters? πŸ™‚

  48. Do you know how I can expand my skin tones box? I can’t see my colors to make my sims berry sims.

  49. Tonks says:

    Where did you get Blackberry’s toddler hair from? It’s extremely cute. πŸ˜€

  50. Tonks says:

    Okay this is probably my last download question.
    Where did you get Taffy’s hair from? It’s so… Gorgeous. xD

  51. roxmorgirl says:

    *can’t wait to steal Starfruit*

    Do you know – will her skintone show up properly in my game if I don’t have any mods (that I know of) that allow for custom skin tones? I run Twallan’s SP and MC, so maybe I can and I just don’t know about it… lol. Does that question even make sense? xD

    Thanks ^_^

  52. Where can I get the scatter gene skins?

  53. keridolphin9 says:

    So I downloaded Taffy, Blue, and Ursula from Heroes and Villains(and others), but today while playing I found out two interesting things through SP:
    1. Taffy is apparently in the criminal career, and just got promoted to thug. I didn’t expect this to happen… all. πŸ™‚
    2. Blueberry married Ursula and they have 2 kids, here’s a picture of one of them. His name is Louise.

    I guess that his skintone is a mixture of Ursula and Blue’s. πŸ™‚

    • StyxLady says:

      Haha, oh gosh, I never would have expected Taffy to be a criminal! But she is a computer whiz, so maybe she runs scams online or something. πŸ˜› And WOW, Louise is…special…lol. I can definitely see his mother in him. O.@ Thanks for sharing the picture!

  54. keridolphin9 says:

    No Problem! My sim got invited over to his house and I had completely forgotten that they had gotten married(much less had kids) so I was pretty surprised. He’s definitely unique….

    • keridolphin9 says:

      My memory is so bad sometimes! While playing I realized that his name wasn’t Louise, but it’s Leslie, which makes him even more interesting….. πŸ˜›

  55. snarkysims says:

    I love your ISBI, Styx. I’m glad I read your blog before I read OPB’s so that I wasn’t biased against Stormy. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I adore Heartleigh and Butterfly. Will they be available for download?

  56. Kawaii :3 says:

    Can you please put Starfruit and Georgia Peach on the uploads? Thanks

  57. Madcapp says:

    Are the dogs anywhere for download? I absolutely adore Butterfly. She’s so pretty. Love the markings and face shape and colors and everything!
    Thanks for the downloads πŸ™‚

  58. kellana says:

    I have a problem with downloading Blueberry :/

  59. kellana says:

    I sorta have a problem downlading Blueberry :/

  60. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find Starfruit’s hair?

  61. PULP_50 says:

    I’m only on generation 1, but I’m gonna download them all and put them all in my game, that also has the Terrey’s from IDC. I’ll tell you how everyone does once they do something.

  62. Guest says:

    it bugs me that you have amazing skins that are no longer avalible. if you could like email the package file to me that would be great.

  63. 0southpaw says:

    Just wanted to leave a quick note saying thank you for putting all of your resources to share with the rest of us. (The lighting mod still enthralls me, talk about gorgeous sunsets!) Also, for writing an awesomazing legacy. ^^

  64. scarlet and olive says:

    I wanted the paintings really bad so that inspired me to go figure out how to download a mod AND I DID IT AND I AM SO HAPPY so thank you for the inspiration and awesome simmies

  65. Hi StyxLady. First of all, thank you for writing such a wonderful story, I hope you and your family are well and are having a Happy Thanksgiving.
    I wanted to let you know that I made you a family tree for your ABC-ISBI. It follows the sim torch bearers up to Generation 7. It is here: . I hope you like it. If you would like any changes made please let me know. Sorry it’s not that good, it’s my first family tree, so I’m sure there are crooked lines galore.

  66. ibceku says:

    Can I has Pineapple? D:
    I might edit her lips and skin and start a legacy with her, eyes and nose and face shape look pretty much perfect for the sim I wanted to create for this blog. Would it be ok with you if I did?

  67. Arreis says:

    this is pretty late,
    but oh my god, I need your house. It looks awesome. I only build expensively furnished boxes. Can I have some links to your furniture CC? Please? Thanks!

  68. amynlena says:

    So, when we download the save and/or the household, would the CC furniture go with it?

  69. Jenn says:

    Hi, Cait! Just wanted to say that both save files are no longer on mediafire.

  70. Tessa says:

    I just discovered your ISBI. It’s awesome. I love it and your sims are all so cute. The names are brilliant! I downloaded a few of them and would like the Gen 3 sims as well, but Mediafire says the files are not there anymore. Anything you could do? Thanks. Keep posting these!

    • StyxLady says:

      I’m not sure if I still have them, since I had to reinstall the game at one point. I will look for them and see if I can reupload them when I get a chance.

      • Tessa says:

        OK, I posted a reply earlier, but I don’t see it, so maybe it didn’t take. It took me to an error message page, so here’s the message again:

        “Ah, OK. Don’t go to too much trouble, though. I’d really appreciate it if you can find them. But if not, I can just admire them in your story :). Thanks.”

  71. Tessa says:

    Just one more question, about the Ephemera default skins. Are they for all ages? Because I can’t find it anywhere.

  72. LaMe! says:

    Does Sugar Valley work on a mac?

    @justdance983: I love your pic! Am I the only one that gets it here? 😦

  73. LaMe! says:

    Sorry for double posting, but how would it (Sugar Valley, and also Fawkes’ skins now that I think of it) be downloaded?

  74. secondender says:

    I can’t download any of your simmies. It says that the file is missing…

  75. Jenn says:

    Cait, I have a copy of Blackberry (founder spouse). Is it okay to upload and link him? Or would you like me to send you my version CC free?

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