Chapter 7.Three: Intermission

Um, so…hi everyone? *waves meekly*

Can we just pretend it hasn’t been almost 3 1/2 years since I last posted? XD That’s probably some kind of record, sheesh. Some of these shots were taken before I stopped playing the family, and some are from this week, so I may not 100% remember what was happening in the older photos. Bear with me.

I am determined to finish this challenge! Hopefully it won’t take another 3 1/2 years. I’m just shocked I was able to get this save to work (barely). Ok, onward!


At the end of the last chapter, our current Torch Holder, Strawberry, had triplets, and they had just become toddlers. As a refresher, they are Poppy, Thunderbird, and Mojo.


She got right to work on their toddler teaching, but I honestly have no idea if she succeeded with all three of them, haha.


Persy: “Why did Psy have to die? She was my buddy; my pal!”

Ah yes, that had just happened too, I think. Sorry Pers, I miss her too!


But it did make room for this lovely lady, Dim Sum!


She and Questor wasted no time getting to know each other. Smile Yaaassss.


Taffy’s still around! Her life bar is only at 81, so I expect many more sim-years from her! She helps a lot with the trips (especially since Strawberry is still petrified of Bonehilda).


Man, Persy just won’t get over Psyche! The other dogs try to cheer him up, but I guess it’s just not the same. T.T


Luckily, Strawberry takes a few minutes whenever she can to give them some attention.


Get down with yo bad self, Star!


Dim Sum is so cute, gosh.


Apparently, the toddler days flew by in a haze, and soon it was time for some birthdays!


Poppy added Supernatural Fan to her Virtuoso and Artistic traits.

Poppy: I just realized Mojo has no wings! I am not a fan. Why u no fairy, Mojo?


Mojo: Yeah, well, unless you have a steering wheel and leather seats I’m not too impressed by you, either.

She rolled Vehicle Enthusiast to go with her Good and Artistic traits.


And Thunderbird is now a Disciplined, Friendly Coward. The jury’s still out on which of the girls will take on the Torch, at this point! I’ll have to wait until they age up, I think.


PUPPY TIME! Meet Bam (right) and Boo (left). Get it? Bamboo? Cuz their mother’s a panda? Well, I thought it was funny. XD




Ahem. On with the show!


We had several issues with missing clothes and hair, unfortunately, once I finally got the save working again.


Nothing a few edits couldn’t fix. Everyone looks a bit different now, but let’s roll with the punches, eh? I’m just happy to be playing them again!


Poppy doesn’t look too excited about the cake…or maybe she’s just tired? Don’t fall asleep at the table and lose me points!


Mojo, on the other hand, hangs out with her bestie in the garage and works on her homework! *cheer*


Poppy: By bestie, you’re referring to me, right?

If it makes you feel better, hon. *patpat*


I see Taffy has begun taking after her mother in her old age, and now sleeps with her eyes open. Yay. *shudder*


Apparently I’m not giving you enough to do.

Strawberry: Shush, it’s your never-ending control over my life that has led me to drink!

Whine whine whine, you had a 3-year break. XD


Persy: Neener, neener, betcha can’t hit me!


Poppy: “I’ll take that bet, Grandpa!”


Poppy: Bullseye!

Showed him. Winking smile


Meanwhile, Starfruit is busy whacking herself in the eye with a mallet. Bahaha.


Oh good, you’re finished with the booze. Now you can do something useful!

Strawberry: I’m the only one who ever does!


Aw look, there’s your daughter, proving you wrong!


Aw, puppy love! Questor and Bam. <3


More puppy love! Jack is still one of my all-time favorites. This is Questor’s father, for those who didn’t do any catch-up reading, haha.


Oops, a little too much playing, methinks!


Tomato: Guess what, Pops? I’m getting outta here tomorrow and living my own life!

Poppy: Haha, Cait won’t be able to ogle you anymore!

Hey, I don’t ogle! I just…appreciate. XD


And who can blame me? Me-ow.


I gave the living room and kitchen a small flooring and walls update. I really have to work on this house, soon.


Star: Is that…a wrinkle?! Oh, the humanity!

Yeah, aging sucks, I agree. I feel like I get another gray hair every day! Boo.


There she goes with the autonomous cleaning again! She makes me love her.


Gee, looks like the end of an exciting dinner conversation.

Tommy: *stares*

Star: *stares*


Persy: Hurry up, girl. Gramps wants a rainbow snowcone.

Is it just me, or do her wing sparkles make it look like he’s peeing glitter?



Hey, a couple of ghosts came to visit! Hiii Marmalade and Butterfly!


More BamBoo cuteness.


Frammit, Thunderbird! We almost made it through this whole chapter without a fail!


Whenever she can get a break from fixing various appliances, Strawberry likes to call and chat with her girlfriend, Cinna. Maybe sometime I’ll be less lazy and actually invite her over.


Tommy: Better take a good look, Cait! This is the last you’ll see of me for a while!



Tommy: Yes, I’d like a ride to my new life!

Bye Tom! It’s been a pleasure having you in the house!

And on that note, I suppose this is a good time to end this chapter. Not too much happened, but I guess that’s good for a catch-up entry, lol. If you’re still reading this (anybody after this long??), make sure and say hi in the comments!


Torch Holders: 7
Sim Failing School: 3
Visit from Service Sim: 0
Passing Out: 36
Self-Urination: 24
Accidental Deaths: 1
Social Worker Visit: 0
Births: 22
Twin Births: 2
Triplet Births: 1
Fulfilling LTW: 8
Achieving Honor Roll: 5
Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation: 6
Not using spares Happiness points for a generation: 6
Every 100,000 dollars: 5
Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career: 0




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